Τρίτη, 12 Οκτωβρίου 2010

Letting go ",

So here i am again after a long time full of thoughts and feelings i want to share with you world! Why human relationships are so complicated ? Well after lots of thinking and lots of experiences i came to the conclusion that WE make them complex because we are not perfect. They say that simplicity is perfection and perfection is really rare. BUT ok being straight and fair with the one you are dealing with and you share feelings with is really easy. Speaking about romantic relationships i look around me and all i can find is people who are afraid to deal with their feelings and are afraid to say what they really want and what they really feel and that's what makes things Soooooo complicated in the end! The truth is hard and many times is really painful but it's the only way two people can come to an ending. Bitter ending or sweet ending. Both ways it's katharsis and katharsis means LETTING GO ", * When something feels worth it and good and makes you want to try and make it better, well then do it BUT never let anyone cross your boundaries and not RESPECT what you share with him and what you give to him. In romantic relationships specially this happens all the time. One who tries and one who is afraid to share or one who gives and one who only gains. My point is that when you decide to get in a relationship then well look for balance. Give what you feel and have inside of you but also EXPECT something, if not the same you are giving. We don't live in an glass fake world where everybody gets what they want and deserve, So we need to fight for what we are worth it! So when this Balance does not come soon then there is really no point in keep trying with this person because you are only gonna get hurt as time goes by and by. So just let go ! Trust your instincts and feelings, respect and love yourself and understand what fits YOU and what YOU deserve to be offered from someone ! Never let anyone sit on your neck and suck the life out you , we only live once ! Cheers people , Lets have an awesome winter !

Τρίτη, 29 Ιουνίου 2010

keep on romancing *

FLIRT and ROMANCE and sex.. What are these things? Well these days i really believe i was born in the wrong country. I hear girls say " mm boys never talk and flirt with us anymore " and guys say " mm girls are too snob here .. so why bother and talk to them ? " .. and this is what is happening here in Greece and specialy in Thessaloniki. Flirt is communication. Communication is education and a social need ! Walking down the street i saw two girls and i said in very polite and cute way " Have a goodnight girls ! " and the answer i got was NOTHING! This is a test i do with my friends a lot these days just to see how a stranger reacts to something this polite and human! I mean ok, we don't know everyone and we don't talk to everyone but can't we say goodnight and share a smile with someone who will hit us with that? Hmm 2/3 girls will not answer when you say something like that and instead they will keep on walking as if they were the queen's daughter. LACK of sexual education! This is what is happening here. Girls are growing up with the thought that " SEX IS BAD!" and " WATCH OUT GUYS .. ALL THEY WANT IS SEX FROM YOU " .. and " WHOEVER TALKS TO YOU , WANTS SEX " .. DAMN! NO ! IT can be COMMUNICATION ! I mean ok let's be honest, we won't talk to someone we don't know IF we don't like what we see and the first impression, good or bad, from someone we just meet is how he looks like. The thing is that NOT every guy that talks to a girl at a bar or in chat machines like facebook or at the beach or even just saying a " goodnight " wants just SEX from this girl! I may see a beautiful woman in the street and i will go give her a smile or talk and this does not mean that i only picture her NAKED in my bed standing in her 4. MAYBE i want to get to know her better! There is a great phrase i heard the other day that says " we are the number of the people we've met in our lives " and It's SO true! What is better than knowing new people, communicating , FLIRTING, Smiling and sharing new thoughts!? It's not always about SEX! and by the way SEX is great ok? WHAT IS WRONG with having sex dude? Have sex but have it with someone that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed! In order to feel comfortable and relaxed you don't have to know someone your whole life, you can meet someone that makes you feel this way from the first time he opens his mouth to talk to you and this is tha magic of the moment! Well ok, i don't mean to have sex with anyone you meet and you feel comfortable with, i'm just saying that if you respect yourself and the other and if there is a good feeling, sex is NOT BAD! Here in Greece there is the tendency for almost anyone to "cover up" the need of having sex under the phrase " in a relationship " and that's why relationships are ruined as quickly as they start. You want to have sex but your friends keep saying that it is bad to be a girl and have sex without any commitment..so what do you do ? YOU just find a guy you barely know and you baptise what is going on with him as a relationship and so it's fine ! You have sex and then suddenly the relationship ends because you understand that you don't FIT with this person for something more serious. A relationship is something that in order to be worth it and succeded, many things should develop nice and deep feeling must be there! Deep feelings come in time and through experiences u live with this person. Romantic relationships are great but only when they are developed right and only when serious feelings are involved! What do we get from this? That it's better for us to start feeling more familiar with our sexual needs and our hormones, start to understand that sex is not bad and its a NEED, start to differentiate sex from the feelings needed to develop a relationship and finaly.. COMMUNICATE and don't be afraid to meet new people! People don't bite.. or ok they don't bite unless they are asked to.. (!) ;) *

Σάββατο, 12 Ιουνίου 2010

Γιατί έτσι ΜΕ αρέσει ..

Σάββατο λοιπόν και σκάει ο τζίτζικας. Γράφω μια εργασία μέχρι που απλά νιώθω την ανάγκη ΔΡΟΣΙΑΣ! Βγαίνω λοιπόν στο μπαλκόνι να δώ τι γίνεται στην παραλία και να αγναντέψω λιγάκι ανέμελα να χαλαρώσει το μυαλό. Υπέροχα χρώματα στον ορίζοντα καθώς ο ήλιος δύει και έχω την αίσθηση πως μου χαμογελάει γλυκά με αυτό το πορτοκαλοροζομώβ χρώμα του. Ίσως απλά να το χάνω απο την ζέστη. Βάζω ένα ποτήρι παγωμένο τσάι και με λίγο λεμόνι και μουσικούλα στο τρανζίστορ, είμαι πλέον άρχοντας. Κοιτώ στην παραλία και βλέπω άπειρο κόσμο να βολτάρει, μικρούς, μεγάλους, έφηβους, μπόμπιρες σε καροτσάκια, μπόμπιρες με μαλλί της γριάς που παρεμπίπτοντος έχω να φάω χρόνια και ζηλεύω, ηλικιωμένα ζευγάρια με καλαμπόκια στα χέρια να ατενίζουν την θάλασσα, παρέες φοιτητών που αράζουν με μπύρες απο καντίνες και κιθάρες. Βλέποντας λοιπόν όλες αυτές τις εικόνες νιώθω υπέροχα και γεμίζω αισιοδοξία για τις μέρες που περνάμε στην Ελλαδίτσα μας, που σίγουρα δεν είναι και οι καλύτερες. Βλέπω πως τελικά έπρεπε κάπως να ταρακουνιθούμε, ώστε να καταλάβουμε και να εκτιμήσουμε κάποια πράγματα απλά, που τόσα χρόνια έχουμε μέσα στα πόδια μας αλλά τα σνομπάρουμαι οικτρά. Η παραλία φέτος είναι ασφυκτικά γεμάτη σε σύγκριση με άλλα χρόνια. Ο κόσμος φαίνεται ότι έχει μπουχτίσει απο τα πανάκριβα ποτά, απο τις φαμφάρες των πανάκριβων εστιατορίων, απο όλη αυτή την ΔΗΘΕΝΙΆ που ειδικά στην πόλη μας υπάρχει, οπότε προς μεγάλη μου χαρά βλέπω μέχρι και πικ-νικ στα γρασίδια του λευκού πύργου! Για να μην αναφέρω τα υπέροχα, ειδικά για χαλαρό βραδινό ποτάκι καραβάκια, που απλά οταν είσαι μέσα και βολτάρεις κάτω απο το φεγγάρι με μια μισόλυτρη παγωμένη μπύρα, ωραία μουσική και καλή παρέα, βλέποντας όλο το κέντρο της όμορφης πόλης μας, νιώθεις ελεύθερος. Ο κόσμος άρχισε επιτέλους να εκτιμά τα ΑΠΛΑ και καθημερινά πραγματάκια. Τις γουστόζικες συνάξεις σε σπίτια φίλων για κρασάκι, επιτραπέζια παιχνιδάκια ( μονόποληηηηη ), χορούς με CULT τραγούδια εποχής και κυλαηδόνη. Μήπως τελικά βγούμε απο τις δύσκολες μέρες αυτές πιο δυνατοί, πιο ενωμένοι, πιο ανθρώπινοι; πιο ΠΑΡΕΑ; Κάτι τέτοιο πάει να γίνει και με γεμίζει όνειρα και κουράγιο για την συνέχεια αδέρφια.. Στην τελική η απλότητα είναι το πιο δύσκολο, το πιο γουστόζικο, το πιο τυπίστικο και το πιο ΤΕΛΕΙΟ δώρο που μπορούμε να κάνουμε στον εαυτό και στην κοινωνία μας. Το τσάι τελείωσε, ο ιδρώτας στάζει και μόλις μπήκε το αγαπημένο μου τραγούδι μπανιέρας! Τρέχω να δροσιστώ λοιπόν, να τραγουδήσω και έπειτα να ποιώ ένα απλό μα ΤΕΛΕΙΟ ποτάκι σε γνωστά στέκια. Cheers !

Σάββατο, 5 Ιουνίου 2010

Defining Happiness

Hey world, here i am again full of thoughts. I'm sitting at my desk gazing through my window. It's rainning so much, i can barely concentrate and listen to the music playing. I can't go for a walk because of the rain so i just thought i could enjoy this moment of silence and write some things about happiness. The 90% percent of the people i know would be unhappy just because it's rainning but why can't you just enjoy this so beautiful moment? It's not going to rain for ever and i suppose that after such stormy, rainny days the pissed off sun is happier than ever! So what is happiness? Is it some great, huge event that will happen in our lives and make us rise and feel good or is it some moments such this i am going through right now? Little moments in everyday life that make us want to live and we don't pay the attention we should to them. Walking on the beach enjoying a beautiful sunset, drinkin a hot cup of coffee with your loved friends talking about stupid things, listening to a song that makes you think of someone you miss, watching a movie that that makes you feel you are a part of it, dancing till the morning like crazy when you had just got out for a relaxing drink, enjoying the sun light warming your skin, seeing your friends after having worked all afternoon for a cold beer at the usual bar and finally.. IMAGINATION! Happiness is being able to travel with your mind and go wherever you feel like home. My mind just landed at my place again after a quick travel to america because i really missed a friend of mine there, yesterday i was at austria. Try travelling with your mind, it is free and it is really something you should do even at your deep old years. Well then you can travel backwords and live again the best moments in your life which will be ..will be all these little moments from now till then. Being happy, finally means being able to act like yourself arround people that accept you just the way you are, people that will be there for good and bad moments and who will enjoy your best moments as if these moments were theirs. Share your happiness with your loved ones, because that's the point of being happy. So, to end this happy story, it feels good to make good memories for the future. Don't be afraid to live and give yourself and your imagination, ways through memories, to travel back when you are gray and old in the future and think of all these nice stuff.. (",) ENJOY THE SIMPLE AND LITTLE MOMENTS OF YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE! SIMPLICITY is PERFECTION in the end.. - The rain stopped, beautiful colors in the sky are staring at me and a friend waiting for a walk. I'm off to a simple, great moment. Talk soon world! - Think Nice 2 Feel Nice -

Πέμπτη, 3 Ιουνίου 2010

Of love and Fire -

Drinking my coffee with friends i realized how hard it is for everyone to dream. What is so hard about dreaming ? I mean its priceless , it's crazy , it's romantic, it's sexy, it's funny and it's all we are. We are all made of dreams- I was drinking my coffee dreaming of a world full of persons who dare to dream and speak about their dreams. These days all we do is think and think and think and think again BUT never say what we think and what we want to anyone. What's the point of thinking without telling? So many people tell me their thoughts but they are just thoughts. " I THINK MARY IS CUTE " . Go tell her dude! Share your thoughts, your feelings. It's not always gonna be worth it and its not always gonna be like the movies but we got to give it a try. From the simplest things like saying to a person next to you something nice to the most important things like saying i love you and meaning it. We got so many things inside that really need to come out and be heard. And once they are heard we feel so nice and free. It's better to regret something you did than to wonder what it would be like if you had done it. As I was walking home I saw a really old woman walking alone just enjoying the sunset at our beautiful beach and as i passed by we just smiled at each other. We shared a thought, a feeling, a hope just in a second. It's all about love and fire.. Don't be afraid of expressing. Dream, love and set yourself and your world on fire and everything will be just fine. - Think nice to feel nice -

Τετάρτη, 2 Ιουνίου 2010

Ονειρο-Κορίτσι-θετική σκέψη-τόπι-ΚΑΛΗΣΠΕΡΕΣ!

Βασικά καλησπέρες σας. Πολλές είναι σίγουρα καλύτερες απο μία μόνο, είδα να μου λέει ένα γλυκό-μυστήριο κορίτσι σε κάποιο όνειρό μου στο παρελθόν και απο τότε μου άρεσε και το λέω συνέχεια. Μόλις περιέγραψα μια πάρα πολύ μικρή και ίσως ασήμαντη στιγμή, η οποία ομως μου έχει χαρίσει άπειρες στιγμές μικρής απόλαυσης, έτσι απλά λέγοντάς την. Μακάρι να μπορούσαν όλοι να βρούνε τέτοιου είδους ανέμελες στιγμές σαν και αυτή.. Η ζωή θα ήταν σίγουρα πιο απολαυστική και απλή. Σίγουρα δεν μπορεί να είσαι συνέχεια με τρελό χαμόγελο και σούπερ ντούπερ διάθεση αλλά μπορείς σίγουρα να προσπαθήσεις αγαπητή/ε! Το BLOG αυτό είναι λοιπόν ένα μέσο έκφρασης σκέψεων που σίγουρα θέλω κατα καιρούς να μοιράζομαι με τον πλανήτη και όχι μόνο και μια προσπάθεια να περάσω θετική ενέργεια που τόσο πιστευω σε δαύτη! ΑΥΤΗ θα μας σώσει αδέρφια, GIVE IT A CHANCE !- ουπς, τηλέφωνο.. άργησα .... πάω για μπάλα-τόπι-ποδόσφαιρο. θα τα λέμε λοιπόν..